How this treatment helps...

☼ Promotes resilient and healthy hair

☼ Gives you a lush and pure feel

☼ Helps protect against the radicals that cause damage and aging 


The Problem: UV light, pollution, chemical treatments, styling, and cleansing alike cause high levels of protein degradation and lipid depletion, which damages the hair surface and speeds its aging process. And prolonged exposure to the forces of the environment, like sunlight and pollution, eventually attacks and breaks down the structural components of hair. The primary breakdown occurs in the keratin proteins of the hair follicle, which causes brittleness, dryness, and a disrupted cuticle. This damage dulls and weakens hair and makes it more vulnerable to further damage. 

The Solution: Our Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment is based from 11 natural ingredients and proteins that protect and strengthen hair by feeding it what it wants. We use our hydrolyzed keratin protein formula (the protein from which hair is made) to create a surface shield from these damaging pollutants, UV rays, and other aversive elements. By reinforcing the natural composition of your hair, you also reinforce its natural strength and luster.

This treatment also reduces the effects of environmental aging in hair fibers, helping to maintain your hair's youthful quality. Added natural antioxidants combat other radical exposures in the environment, too, giving you an organic and holistic hair experience. 

Before and After
  • Anti-aging efficiency: Protects the hair's natural properties by preventing damages to the hair root, surface, and amino acid composition. 
  • Penetrating and shielding: Our treatment has the benefit of a multiple molecular weight formula - meaning it uses smaller molecules to infuse the hair cortex and remove damages, and larger molecules to coat hair fibers and act as protectants. 
  • Enhanced gloss: Hair naturally loves moisture and smoothness. Our treatment promotes these from the bottom of the cuticle to the top of the fiber, and allows for more manageable hair. 
  • Eliminate frizz: Our Anti-Frizz Guard is infused into the Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment, as well as our other products, to add an additional layer of support and protection against humidity.