What this treatment will do...

Our Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment will leave you feeling natural, healthy, and beautiful by making your hair pure, strong, and confident. It will leave your hair moisturized, soft, shinny and glossy, and will eliminate unwanted frizz caused by humidity.

The power in our treatment is its special formulation that heals and strengthens hair against environmental radicals. It will repair, nurture, protect and maintain the health of your hair using proven protein insights, while making it look and feel lush and beautiful. 

Hair is made of roughly 88% different proteins, and the hair shaft is essentially composed of the keratin protein. It made sense to us, then, to create an amazing product that gives your hair the nutrients it needs to help it naturally flourish. Using hydrolyzed keratin protein as a main ingredient, the Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment bathes your hair in what in naturally wants, and gives it the pure beauty it deserves.




This leave-in treatment:
☼ Is natural and organic with no added chemicals
Protects against damaging heat exposures
Prevents frizz with our infused Anti-Frizz guard
☼ Is easy to use and implement-20 minutes every 2-3 weeks

No matter if you have strait or curly hair, thick or thin hair, or colored or highlighted hair, our Deep Treatment can bring health and beauty to you. This treatment will leave all hair types moisturized, repaired, nourished, and protected. Simply apply this treatment roughly every 3 weeks, alongside our other complementary post-treatment products, to maintain your naturally healthy and beautiful hair! 

Using what's natural, we can promote what's healthy, to create what's beautiful... YOU! 


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