Who should use this treatment...

Our Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment can be used on any hair type under many different conditions. It will support and enhance, without changing, the structure of your hair.

Regardless of whether your hair:
☼ is colored,
☼ has highlights,
☼ is chemically treated,
☼ is overly-dry
☼ uses a blow dryer or flat iron
☼ or uses relaxer or other stylers

 your hair is:
☼ Strait... the treatment will eliminate unwanted frizz and maintain perfect volume, shine, and feel even if you choose to blow-dry or style.
☼ Wavy... the treatment will make it beautiful, clean and manageable for you to style, and will give you control of your hair in the heat or humidity while bringing out the natural lushness of your waves.
☼ Curly... the treatment will control your curls in the face of the daily environmental exposures, eliminate frizz and brittleness, and promote easy and manageable hair.

The Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment will repair, nurture, protect, and maintain your hair and give you healthy and natural control. If you want healthy and beautiful hair, join the natural revolution today and try us out!